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MMR– Musical Merchandise Review

February, 2019. The Sound of Money- Strategies to Engage and Keep Your Best Employees.

January, 2019. The Sound of Money- How Do Your Orchestrate a Culture of ‘A’ Players? One Moment at a Time.

November, 2018. The Sound of Money- How to Retain, Grow and Recruit Top Performers. Page 54.

October, 2018. The Sound of Money-Less Tax. Employee Retention. Retirement Nest Egg. Get a 401(k)

September, 2018. The Sound of Money-MI Retailers Working with Nonprofits & Government: A Win-Win

August, 2018. The Sound of Money- Considering a New Building or Buying Out Your Partner? Explore SBA Loans

July,2018. The Sound of Money- KPIs: The Secret Sauce to More Profit Value. Page 57.

June, 2018. The Sound of Money- Selling Your Business? Stay in Control. page 69

May, 2018. The Sound of Money- Curing Financial Pain. page 44

April, 2018. The Sound of Money-Measuring Customer Perceptions. page 51

March, 2018, The Sound of Money- Masters of Intangibles, page 52

February, 2018. The Sound of Money- Got Value, page 53

January, 2018. The Sound of Money – Exiting? A Buyer’s Perspective, page 95

November, 2017.The Sound of Money – Hello! page 48

NAMM – National Association of Music Merchants

January 23, 2018- Winter NAMM Idea Center Video: 5 Ways To Add Value To Your Business

November 21, 2016- Key Factors That Affect the Value of Your Store

May 31,2016- Delaying Transfer of Your Business Can Be a Smart Decision

March 09,2016- Build Your Succession-Planning Team Now

January, 2016-  NAMM Video Succession Planning Talk

 Sound & Communications

October, 2017-  The Value of Knowledge

Music Inc.

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August 2016- Funding Your Exit

October 2016- Yamaha Succession Advantage

October 2016- Creating Financial Wellness 

November 2016- Masters of Change

January 2017- What’s Your Biz Worth?

February 2017- Strength in Numbers

July 2017- Unlocking Potential Wealth

August 2017- Planning for Profitability

Canadian Music Trade

Strategies To Engage & Keep Your Best Employees

At NAMM U Jaimie presents his unique approach to value creation.

YouTube Channel

Webcasts & Podcasts

Canadian Music Trade

August 24th, 2016- MoneyCapsules® An Artful Way To Talk About Money- Part 1

November 3rd, 2016- MoneyCapsules® An Artful Way To Talk About Money- Part 2

January 3rd, 2017- MoneyCapsules® An Artful Way To Talk About Money- Part 3

The Music & Sound Retailer

Listen to our podcast on The Music & Sound Retailer  October 2016

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