Identity Theft! Part 1.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, in 2016, a whopping 26 million Americans 16 or older, reported they had been victims of identity theft during the prior 12 months. The good news is 88% had almost no out-of-pocket losses. Still, behind every number is a real person, with a real story, and that’s where we begin. Consider the following true story.  A woman receives a bill from a hospital, requesting payment for a surgical procedure which included an amputation of her left foot. The problem…. She never had the surgery, as demonstrated by the fact that both her feet were intact. To read the rest, Click Here to check out my June MMR column

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Sounds Flat? Try Tuning up Your Brain

Listening is the musician’s currency. When something interferes with listening, it can be torture, especially for the performing artist. 50 million people in America today have reported ringing in the ear – a definite problem for music listeners and music makers. This ringing is called tinnitus, a medical term for auditory perceptions usually heard in the ear(s), but not produced by external sound. Since tinnitus can be brought on by exposure to loud sounds, it’s no surprise that a disproportionate number of musicians have it. To read the rest, Click Here to check out my May MMR column

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Identity Theft

What is Identity Theft? Identity theft is the misuse of another person's identifying information. In true identity theft, an identity thief uses another person's Social Security number and other identifying information to fraudulently open new accounts for financial gain. Victims may be unaware of the fraud for an extended period of time, which can allow the criminal to continue the ruse for months or even years. The criminal can use the victim's identity to work, receive medical care and commit other types of fraud. Account-takeover and credit-related fraud are common problems associated with identity theft. The Case of the Disappearing $300,000 Loan. Content published by For homebuyers, nothing beats the excitement and relief that comes with a home loan approval. So you can imagine the horror when those funds suddenly disappear.  John and Nancy Ritter* experienced the trauma of this situation firsthand when a thief used stolen personal information to initiate a fraudulent wire transfer of…

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Eight Steps to Better Understanding and Addressing Customers' Needs. In my April 2018 MMR column titled, “Measuring Customer Perceptions,” I introduced a great innovation tool called Net Promoter Score tool. Net Promoter Score is a free tool and depends on asking one simple question to customers: How likely are you, on a scale of 0 to 10 to recommend this product or service to a colleague or friend? The higher the number, the better. Zoho. com offers a free version for your website. The Net Promoter score is a great tool to promote innovation Innovation is important, for it can help a business remain relevant in changing markets by creating new products and services. To read the rest, Click Here to check out my April MMR column.

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How is Caring Measured?

When my son was growing up in NYC he was obsessed with the NY Knicks and Coach Pat Riley. Many say Coach Riley is on the top ten list of all-time best basket ball coaches. Perhaps the number one NBA coach of all time is Coach Gregg Popovich, AKA Coach Pop, president and head coach of the San Antonio Spurs. What can MI retailers learn from Coach Pop? In one word: Caring. Below I’m paraphrasing from Culture Code by Daniel Coyle who writes about Coach Popovich’s ability to keep his players fully engaged by establishing trust through caring. The first tip you’ll find about the character type Coach Popovich looks for is when you look at the Spur’s scouting template. To read the rest, check out my March MMR column.

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Strategies to Engage and Keep Your Best Employees

For those of you who had the opportunity to attend my winter NAMM talk with the same title as this column, consider this a concise summary. For everyone else, here’s the reader’s digest version. I began my talk by introducing a fictional music retailer, named Barron Key, owner of Harmony Music Anywhere, USA. And the story begins… It’s 10:10 and Barron is about to meet with his employees in the conference room to address a serious company wide problem. You see Barron wasn’t satisfied with his quarterly revenue. He believes that his team is not executing previous agreed upon sales goals.  He’s not in the best of moods.  Before the meeting begins, let me introduce you to his two key managers. To read the rest, check out my February MMR column.  

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Curing Financial Pain

Many of the financial decisions we make may not be aligned with our true values. As a result we become trapped with negative feelings like, shame, envy, anger, fear guilt, jealousy, anxiety, sadness, depression and despair. In Kinder's book "Lighting the Torch," he asks three profound questions, which if answered honestly can lead you to a more fulfilled and happier life. To read my May column in MMR, click here.

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