KPIs. The Secret Sauce to More Value & Profit.

Excerpt from my July column in MMR. Peter Drucker, a leader in the development of management education, promoted business value as the primary goal of a firm. Business value expands the concept of value beyond economic value (like profit) to include non-financial aspects of value like owner aspirations, employee talent, customer/supplier relationships, and process & data. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the instruments business owners use to understand the organization’s overall financial health, a prerequisite for making better financial decisions. To read my July column in MMR, CLICK  here.

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Selling Your Business? Stay In control.

Excerpt from my June column in MMR. Making financial decisions has never been easy for business owners. When given a choice, the tyranny of the urgent usually wins over the severity of the important. Imagine there are two problems you can attack. The  first one involved a rental instrument being issued to the wrong student. You figure it will take about 45 minutes to straighten out the mess-annoying, but you can handle it.   To read my June column in MMR, CLICK  here.

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