Entering The Unknown Zone by Jaimie Blackman

As my computer was restarting, a curious notice displayed on the bottom of my toolbar- "Unknown Zone .  I often feel like I'm entering an unknown  zone when I speak to potential clients who have not reflected on the long-term purpose and strategy for their portfolio. The conversations usually follow the same pattern: Me- OK, you have $300,000 in your IRA, sitting in your money market account. Please tell me the purpose of the funds. Client- Not sure. I was thinking about putting it in a CD. My local bank is offering 2.25% for 12 months- can you beat it? Me- That's certainly a good rate for 12 months. Let me ask you a few questions. Will you need income from your IRA over the next 5 years? Client- No. Me- Will you require lump sum liquidity over the next 5 years? Client- No. Me- Are you aware that in this low interest rate…

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