Krishna Pendyala, former COO of Waldron Wealth Management, Author and Coach,  reviews MoneyCapsules.


Anthony M. Fauci, ChFC, CWS, CWPP,  Managing Partner, Guided Professional Solutions

While many financial planners are divided as to what constitutes a “comprehensive financial plan”, most planners would agree that simple is better.

The concept behind MoneyCapsules can be boiled down into three simple words- Organize. Understand. Decide.

This approach may be especially valuable for those advisors who are looking to transition from a product/performance conversation, to a planning conversation.

I believe Jaimie Blackman has created a model which should be given serious consideration.”

Anthony M. Fauci ChFC, CWS, CWPP
Chartered Financial Consultant
Certified Wealth Strategist
Certified Wealth Preservation Planner
Guided Professional Solutions Managing Partner

Joseph A. Graziano, CFP®, Wealth Management Partner, Author

Money Capsules is a breath of fresh air for an industry filled with advisors too focused on product based sales.
The system being values based is simply brilliant.

Moving from a product based sales pitch to a life planning PROCESS really aligns the clients  values, finances and goals.

The system is great for the veteran advisor tired of discussing products based on returns and technical analysis or the rookie looking for a sound launching board to jump start their career based on a model that can help clients  sleep well at night.

The best part is that Jaime Blackman the founder is passionate about assisting advisosrs help their clients achieve their dream and goals based on his proven track record of success.

Joseph A. Graziano CFP®
Vice President
Wealth Management Partner
Future Financial Planners Inc.



Russell Bailyn, leading Financial Advisor & Author, reviews MoneyCapsules.

MoneyCapsules is a terrific discovery system. It reinvents an outdated system used by most financial advisors to gather and organize information from their clients. I think if more advisors used MoneyCapsules, it would create far fewer misunderstandings and ultimately lead to better financial planning recommendations. It also helps the client understand their own priorities. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard ” I want my money to grow” or “I don’t want to outlive my assets” but nothing really beyond that in terms of deeper attitudes and beliefs about money.
I think Jaimie is really onto something here.

-Russell Bailyn
Wealth Manager
Premier Wealth Advisors, LLC
Author: Navigating the Financial Blogosphere

Henry Alter, respected insurance professional and founder of Orion Resource Group

The days of “selling” insurance by leading with products are long  gone.  Today, the successful insurance agents need a way to understand what matters most to their clients, and design a solution accordingly. I believe MoneyCapsules can be a valuable tool for insurance professionals. It is simple to learn, and more importantly helps to create the framework for a meaningful conversation. I strongly recommend the MoneyCapsules financial life planning system. It is a real game changer.

Henry L. Alter CLU, ChFC, CLTC
Founder of Orion Resource Group-For elders to thrive in society with quality of life, dignity and respect.

From client using MoneyCapsules
My husband has been in charge of our finances for all of our married life (43 years) and I have had very little knowledge and understanding of what we have and how it all works. For the past few years , I have realized that I need to be more knowledgeable, but I did not have enough motivation or know how to accomplish this. After a few meetings working with my financial advisor who used the MoneyCapsules system, I felt more knowledgeable and confident regarding our financial life. I am now able to understand and will help me to make intelligent financial decisions. Client.