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 NAMM – National Association of Music Merchants

January, 2016-  NAMM Video Succession Planning Talk

November 21, 2016- Key Factors That Affect the Value of Your Store

May 31,2016- Delaying Transfer of Your Business Can Be a Smart Decision

March 09,2016- Build Your Succession-Planning Team Now

 MMR– Musical Merchandise Review

November, 2017- The Sound of Money – Introduction– Monthly Column

Sound & Communications

October, 2017-  The Value of Knowledge

Music Inc.

Note: The links take you to the issue. Search for “Jaimie” to easily find the page.

August 2016- Funding Your Exit

October 2016- Yamaha Succession Advantage

October 2016- Creating Financial Wellness 

November 2016- Masters of Change

January 2017- What’s Your Biz Worth?

February 2017- Strength in Numbers

July 2017- Unlocking Potential Wealth

August 2017- Planning for Profitability

 YouTube Channel

Webcasts & Podcasts

Canadian Music Trade

August 24th, 2016- MoneyCapsules® An Artful Way To Talk About Money- Part 1

November 3rd, 2016- MoneyCapsules® An Artful Way To Talk About Money- Part 2

January 3rd, 2017- MoneyCapsules® An Artful Way To Talk About Money- Part 3

The Music & Sound Retailer

Listen to our podcast on The Music & Sound Retailer  October 2016

Written by Jaimie Blackman

Jaimie Blackman

Jaimie Blackman — a former music educator & retailer— is a Certified Wealth Strategist & Succession Planner. Jaimie helps business owners accelerate the value of their company so it can be sold profitably when ready to exit. He is a frequent speaker at the National Association of Music Merchants, (NAMM) Idea Center and has spoken at Yamaha’s succession advantage.

His content has been published in multiple trade magazines including:
Music Inc., Music & Sound Retailer, Canadian Music Trade Magazine, and Sound & Communications.
His column is now published monthly in MMR— Musical Merchandise Review—and contributes to NAMM U online.

Jaimie is CEO of Jaimie Blackman & Company, and Creator of MoneyCapsules® and the Sound of Money®.
To register for Jaimie’s live webinars, or to subscribe to his podcasts & webcasts, visit

The purpose of this post is to educate. Our content should not be construed as advice. If legal, tax or other advice is required by the readers, professional advice should be sought.

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