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MoneyCapsules® is a patent-pending advisor led values-based system, designed to help clients & prospects Organize & Understand their financial life, necessary to make Sound Financial Decisions. FINRA review letter available on request.

The Cards– 7 MoneyCapsules cards, 3 score cards, 1 advisor branded introductory card.

The GameBoard– Cover is custom branded for each advisor. When open, all cards become visible. The GameBoard has been designed to help the advisor lead an impactful conversation in 3 rounds- Organize. Understand. Decide.

Automatic Documentation– Advisor and player(s) complete questions which appear on the back of the 7 MoneyCapsules cards and 3 score cards.

ValuesMap Input Advisor records players responses online or on paper.

Card Organizer– At the end of the meeting, advisor places completed cards in special container for player(s).

Training– Personalized  Coaching, Online video and live training available.

We offer customized packages and live and online workshops.

 Contact us for an online preview.