Our Story

Copy of Jaimie with gameboard

Jaimie Blackman, M.S.Ed., CWS® Founder, MoneyCapsules®

Having attended many seminars and training programs on financial planning and noticing that very few advisors actually implement them in their practice, I was inspired to develop a simple system that advisors will find easy to adopt.

Thus, MoneyCapsules was born with a game- board to create a fun and interactive experience for the prospects and clients while helping the advisor stay on track.

While it feels light and fun, it goes to the core of the prospects’ or clients’ motivation for making decisions—their values.

Being in the trenches as a financial advisor gives me a unique advantage in delivering an end to end solution.


There are four types of advisors who will find MoneyCapsules extremely helpful.

  •  Advisors who are looking for an engaging way to conduct a financial planning conversation.
  • New advisors who need a repeatable process for effective discovery.
  • Advisors who are looking for a simple  financial planning framework they can quickly implement.
  • Sr. Advisors who want to create a streamlined client engagement model for succession and acquisition planning.

Our MoneyCapsules financial life planning system is being regularly tested and updated to match client and advisor changing needs. It is easy to learn, simple to implement. and it works. I look forward to helping you build your practice.

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