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How do you define Value-Add?

You schedule a prominent, high paid speaker complete with lunch. The number of financial advisors in attendance, exceeded your expectations. The advisors gave the speaker a standing ovation. You shook hands, gave hugs, every one left with a smile.

You wait a few days, and begin calling the advisors. You are leaving voice mails and not getting through. The advisors who do speak with you give you a less than enthusiastic greeting. What went wrong?

This is not Value-Add. This was a one time expensive event. When the action was over, so was your opportunity.

There’s a better way. Ask us how.

Conquer Financial Planning, Before Software, Think MindShift


1- Is this your strategy for relationship building?

2- Krishna Pendyal, former COO of Waldron Wealth Management, helps Asset Managers connect to Financial Advisors, Part 1.

3- Krishna Pendyala, part 2.


4-Meet Jerry.

5- Wouldn’t it be cool video….


TV 12 on the Money, Rebecca Surran interviews Jaimie Blackman, founder of MoneyCapsules®, March 1, 2012

What do Asset Managers really want?Asset Managers want a sticky relationship with financial advisors.What do Financial Advisors want?Advisors want value-add to help –

  • Deepen their relationship with clients,
  • Transition from leading with product to leading with planning
  • Prepare their business to sell or acquire a practice.

Seldom do advisors need more product choices from asset managers.Wholesalers want to identify what is most important to their top financial advisors. They want to add value. That’s where our MoneyCapsules financial life planning system can help.

There are 5 key themes which are important to financial advisors.

1- To have impactful conversations through a planning process

2- Have a simple way to communicate their value.

3- Be able to change lives…. profitably.

4- Deepen relationships. Increase wallet share with current clients.

5- Build competency and deliver sound advice. For effective succession/ acquisition planning.

We will show you how to create lasting and profitable relationship with financial advisors by giving them something tangible they can implement within a week. We have designed a special program and will be working closely with a select number of wholesalers and asset managers.

Contact us for the details.