ADVISORS COULD CUT THROUGH the dull, financial language and make an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with 401k participants?

PARTICIPANTS  could FEEL as well as HEAR the message?

PARTICIPANTS  KNEW you were speaking to them with a NEW clarity and understanding?

ENROLLEMENT meetings used the universal appeal of STORIES and MUSIC to make a lasting emotional connection with participants?

Say HELLO  to the future of 401k engagement.



Discover our “Values-Engagement” strategy


1-401(k) music video content designed to help participants make Sound Financial Decisions by both entertaining and educating.
2-Advisor/DCIO branded marketing across all digital media venues which will help advisors stand out from the crowd.
3-Growing library of relevant content to meet your advisor retention/expansion goals.


Successful partnerships are a lot like music.   When you HEAR the right notes it just sounds SWEET.

Call Jaimie Blackman at 212-829-0265 to explore DCIO partnership opportunities. It will be like music to your ears.

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